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Additions & New Construction / Architectural & Engineering (Site Plans & Blueprints)


new-constAdditions and remodeling are considered major construction projects and should be managed by a General Contractor (GC). A GC has access to all the major players that will take part in your construction project from architects and engineers to electricians and plumbers. The GC will look at a project from multiple angles to insure your ideas and wishes are realized, and that the work is within the City parameters (built to code). They will also guarantee that it fits within established budget and timelines.


Below are just a few reasons and benefits gained from home additions and remodeling:

  • Additions and major remodeling projects add substantial value to your real-estate and future equity potential
  • Additional living space is essential for growing families and working professionals
  • Aging infrastructure needs to be replaced before dangerous conditions become a problem
  • Plumbing, electrical, paint, roof, windows and doors, are just a few examples of a home’s infrastructure that should be kept in order and service operational for your comfort, security and peace of mind



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